Saturday, November 14, 2009

Posted For My [Am Love]

She walked down the block, in the heat of Brooklyn todays weather called for her pink tank top,short shorts, & flip-flops. Her rainbow key chain hung out of her back pocket, her warning sign to any man trying to step to her, yes she loved women and she was proud.

Still walking the block she stopped at the corner bodega for something to drink “whoo much cooler in here” she thought, she grabbed a sweet tea & was on her way. Just outside the store she saw one of her homeboys Dave they had been cool for as long as she could remember, even though he stepped out of line on the regular “hey you,wassup?”she asked…Dave smiled ”wassup V?” he said giving her a hug

”you know I ain’t seen you in forever” Dave said to her “I know, I’m sorry. You know I still love you” she smiled “yea I know” he smiled back. “I’ll be seeing you D” she said over her shoulder “yea aight V” Dave said as she walked away.

Now in her air conditioned brownstone Victoria relaxed as she surfed through the paid channels, the ones that cost too damn much and showed nothing but re-runs. She finally gave up and landed on Showtime, “Why Did I Get Married?” was on “that damn Janet Jackson” she voiced aloud, what she wouldn’t give to be with that woman she thought.

Her stomach growled “Damn I’m hungry” she said, she got up to find her flip-flops and out the door she went in search of food “hmm jerk chicken sounds good” she pondered and that was all it took. She walked down to “The Real Jerk” for her meal jerk chicken with rice and peas, extra jerk sauce on her chicken. While she was sitting down eating she noticed a beatiful woman looking at her, She had the most beautiful black curly hair and almond shaped hazel eyes, her curves oh my her curves Victoria thought.

When Victoria looked up again the woman was walking toward her table, seconds later she sat down right across from her she smiled a beautiful smile “bold I see” said Victoria… “mamita where I come from, everyone’s bold” the woman said in a Spanish accent that gave Victoria chills “and where you from?” asked Victoria the woman looked up with her beautiful eyes and answered “the Bronx baby!” they both fell out laughing.

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  1. so i tried to wait to read but i couldn't. so far sooooo good ;-)