Thursday, October 1, 2009

Man Of Her Dreams: A Short Story. WRITTEN BY ME

When ever her mind flashes back to his smile it sends shivers up her spine, she had never seen any man like him.

It had only been a month since kismet led Angela to meet the man of her dreams at the local Starbucks. The line put her just one person back from what seemed to be one of the finest men she'd ever seen. She watched as he stepped to the counter to order a caramel macchiato in what seemed a deep baritone, She had to ask herself why his voice struck her the way it did as he left the line his gaze met hers & she looked away from his hazel eyes.

Later that day after her Starbucks run Angela sat behind her desk in her home office opening her mail, Which consisted of bills & junk mail, Typical she thought “Is this what I check my mail for?” she voiced aloud as she massaged her temples. Work had been hectic lately, she loved running her catering business but it had taken its toll. While sitting with her eyes closed she thought of his hazel eyes as a smile played around her lips, she knew she wanted to formally meet him but how? She had nothing but the image of his eyes in her mind.


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