Tuesday, September 1, 2009

D. Jackson & K. Hill

[Verse1]Why can't you see I'm her, That girl your perfect match
You belong with me I'm where it's at
Baby don't you know
I'll always have your back
You can leave me for her but you & I both know just
where your hearts at.
All those times we spent together you can't forget about
Don't leave me here stuck tryna figure out
who you're gonna choose
Got me on the move, When all I really wanna do is be with you.

It's no coincidence that we're meant to be
What will it take to make you see?
Baby we'll be etched in history
All I need is you next to me.

[Verse 2]I've heard the same things before so don't play games
When are you gonna realize I'm not the same
I'm not them other chicks, You can't run game
I'm the girl you fell in love with
The girl you stayed up all nite on the phone with.
When you gonna open your eyes & see you & I are meant to be
Don't hold back, Baby face the facts my love is where it's at.

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