Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mr.Click Click

Her name is Kori, Kori Mykel.

A few months ago I randomly started following Kori aka[MrClickClick]
On Twitter, Initially I didn't know why her name was MrClickClick.

I soon found out why, Much like myself she loves taking pictures.
Only she was on a way more artistic & professional level with the craft,
When I look at Kori's pictures I feel some type of emotion.
Because she's not the average photographer her shots make you wonder
"How in the world did she get this?"
She can make a shot of her, Or a group of friends look like art.

If you're ever in Palacios, TX Kori does shoot professionally & is booking shoots.
Only serious inquiries please, Email Kori at:

@Damita_Dunk66 use this pic - it's my favorite self portrait - and my email is Kori.Mykel@gmail / :) thnx

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